Adam Shaw 

Senior Account Manager

A trusted Senior Account Manager and with broad industry experience serving previous employers as Director of Maintenance Operations and Property Manager, Adam brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.  His dedication and commitment to his clients truly reflect T-Rock’s core values – always putting the needs of others over his own, always keeping the client’s best interest in mind when proposing or executing any job.

Born and raised in DFW, Adam is no stranger to work and challenge. Driven by honesty, open-mindedness and willingness, Adam applies this to every aspect of his life, personal and professional. Developing and maintaining business relationships with new and existing clients is a must for him. He achieves this by, not only, providing prompt bids and work execution to add value to his client’s property, but also simultaneously adding value to client relationships as well.

An avid golfer since age 7, you are surely to find him at the golf course during his free time. Adam loves spending time with his wonderful wife and two dogs and enjoys fishing, vacationing, snowboarding skydiving, exercising, reading and cooking among other hobbies.

Favorite Quote

“Thoughts become Things”